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The Center for Energy, housed in the Swanson School of Engineering, is dedicated to improving energy technology development and sustainability, including energy efficiency, advanced materials for demanding energy technologies, carbon management, and energy diversification.


The Center for Energy has assembled a team of more than 70 faculty members already working in energy research from the Departments of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Geology, and Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, for the purpose of leveraging their work and expertise.

Areas of Energy Research

Areas of research range from clean coal technologies to harnessing solar energy, and include subjects as diverse as synthetic and biomass-derived fuels, gas hydrates, high-temperature coatings, and fuel cells.

Some current initiatives include:

  • cleaner combustion of coal and converting coal to clean energy sources;
  • carbon dioxide sequestration and conversion;
  • new technologies for hydrogen storage and transportation;
  • new sensors for more efficient fossil-fuel plants;
  • more efficient turbines for power production;
  • novel technologies for harnessing solar energy;
  • new materials that enhance performance in harsh environments.
Additional Expertise

While the above faculty members represent various disciplines in energy research, many of them are also experts in using highly sophisticated computer modeling and simulation tools to facilitate faster, more efficient, and less costly design of energy solutions. The result is a truly integrated research approach that couples experiment to theory through modeling and simulation.

Educational Component

The Center builds on its research capabilities with additional thrusts in education including the development and delivery of graduate and undergraduate courses in nuclear power, power transmission, and mining engineering.

Outreach Component

The Center works with private-sector partners to develop solutions and to create new jobs in research, manufacturing, technology, and other sectors, making southwestern Pennsylvania a hub for energy innovation. The center will be directly linked with the energy initiative on the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, which has the mission to facilitate educational and outreach programs in energy, particularly the regional resources of petroleum and renewables (biomass, solar, and wind).


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