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 Advanced Materials For Energy-Related Applications

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This includes experimental and computational efforts on structural and functional materials for use in harsh environments (including those associated with nuclear systems), robust solar materials and devices, materials for energy storage, thermo-electrics and sensors.

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Carbon Management & Utilization

This includes carbon capture and storage, carbon reduction and offsetting technologies such as hybrid systems that utilize nuclear or renewable systems, and the efficient conversion of carbon to alternative fuels.

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Energy Delivery and Reliability

An important component to advances in energy technologies will be necessary improvements in the entire chain of electric power generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization. This includes the reliability of power and energy systems (fossil, nuclear, and renewable), together with the development and implementation of smart grid systems, advanced power electronics technologies, and renewable energy integration.

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Direct Energy Conversion & Recovery

The greatest immediate opportunity for impacting energy consumption and carbon emissions is in energy efficiency. Current research focuses on increasing the efficiency of energy production and utilization systems, processes, and/or equipment.

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Unconventional Gas Resources

This area is primarily concerned with the safe and optimized procurement of natural gas from unconventional resources such as the Marcellus Shale. It includes exploration, well drilling and completion, water management, and gas extraction.

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