Innovative solutions to the infrastructure problem can only be achieved through a cooperative research program that brings together owners, designers and constructors of these projects in a comprehensive program featuring strong collaboration among academia, industry and the public and private sectors. To this end, IRISE will be a research consortium with funding and support from both public and private organizations that will focus on research topics that provide solutions to meet the needs of both sectors.

IRISE will undertake research that is impactful, innovative and implementable and work with its public and private sector partners so that state-of-the-art technology can be put into practice; and educate young people and present them with opportunities to learn and experience exciting aspects of transportation.

A unique systems approach will be taken such that the optimization of the infrastructure system will be considered when addressing weaknesses in the individual components (e.g., roads, bridges, geotechnical structures) of the system. This is conceptually illustrated in the figure below.

The IRISE Concept