IRISE will be governed and guided by both a Steering and an Advisory Committee. The Steering Committee will consist of individuals representing organizations that have provided funding support. The Advisory Committee will consist of technical experts drawn from other universities, public agencies or associations with interest in IRISE’s technical activities.

Steering Committee members will have substantial influence on the research topics to be addressed by virtue of their annual funding support. An annual brainstorming session will enable the sharing of research needs, ideas and capabilities between Steering (and Advisory) Committee representatives and University faculty. Subsequently, specific research project proposals will be prepared by University faculty (in consultation with interested committee representatives) addressing the priority research needs identified by the Steering Committee at the brainstorming session. The Steering Committee will have the responsibility to review and approve the annual research program (consisting of a set of fully scoped projects).

Members of both the Steering and Advisory Committees will also:

  • Provide for review and comment on research findings and results and receive all completed research reports and other products.
  • Provide technology transfer opportunities for research results.