Research concepts being explored by the consortium

Annual Work Program Process

  • October/November – Brainstorming session to discuss ideas for next year’s annual work program
  • December and January – Identification of research priorities and preparation of priority Problem Statements.
  • By February 1 – Completion of set of priority Problem Statements and distribution to Steering Committee members for consideration.
  • By March 1 – Selection of Problem Statements for which full project scopes of work will be developed.
  • April 1 – Deadline for submission of full project scopes of work.
  • April – Development of proposed annual work program by IRISE staff based on the project scopes of work, Steering Committee priorities and available budget.  Distribution to the Steering Committee for review, comment and approval
  • May – Distribution of Annual Report and convening of IRISE Annual Meeting to provide a progress update on ongoing projects and review the new projects approved through the Annual Work Program process.
  • June/July – Funds to support new work program received from partners
  • August 1 – Work commences on new work program projects

2018 Brainstorming Session

October 2018 Brainstorming Session Summary