Pitt | Swanson Engineering

The classes at the MAC gave me a great introduction to an entirely new career path, and I am using what I learned there every day in my new job. I was able to secure an apprenticeship a short drive from my home that will lead to Journeyman status in four years. I am certain that the knowledge I gained at the MAC, as well as the tour we were able to make of my new employer's facilities, are what enabled me to be working right away, and having fun learning more every day. – Sarah Smith, 2/15/2019

The Pitt/Swanson Manufacturing Assistance Center allowed me to leave an unfulfilling job and discover an exciting new career path. I worked a cubicle job at a bank for nearly 11 years and felt completely unmotivated and unhappy with what I was doing. I learned of the MAC through a friend and applied and I can truly say it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I took two courses over the span of 12 weeks that equipped, prepared and certified me for an entry-level position in an exciting, invigorating field. I had absolutely no background in machining or engineering. Through the MAC I found employment right in my own neighborhood at a small company where I’ve been able to take on a lot of tasks. My days are now busy and fulfilling. I work in an intimate environment with people who are doing amazing work and I find myself very inspired. I am very grateful to the Pitt/Swanson Manufacturing Assistant Center for giving me the foundation and support to completely change my career path for the better. – Scott Mitchell, 12/21/2018

I really appreciate the MAC school staff and instructors for giving me the opportunity to get my foot in the door in the manufacturing/production setting with hands on training. I can honestly say that my overall experience there was great and I would recommend it to anyone interested in furthering their career in manufacturing. – Daevon Woods, 11/9/2018

I was a skilled machinist with a wide range of manual and CNC background, along with micro technology and toolmaking background. I was out of work for 10 months, and couldn’t find a serious position in Pittsburgh for someone with my skills. MAC updated my training in CAD/CAM, and connected me with an incredible employer with a position that's well paid, a raise over what I was making, with great benefits and everything I ever wanted in a machining position that I couldn't find on my own. They even helped me find funding for the program. Extremely satisfied with my whole experience with MAC. – Andrew Campbell, 5/25/2018

The Manufacturing Assistance Center has provided me with training and hands on experience to start a new career as a machinist at a local company. The teachers were incredibly experienced and knowledgeable, teaching on a variety of manual machines as well as CNC equipment. They also provided a course of tool design with current design software. I would highly recommend the Manufacturing Assistant Center as your top choice for a training program. – Marjorie Thomas, 1/5/2018

Since my office job was sent off-shore, I was given an opportunity to learn a new career and with only a basic understanding of CNC machining I lacked the skills and training to find work in the field. CNC processes have been forecast to show fast growth as manufacturing in the U.S. increased due to economic changes, so I choose to get a solid understanding of CNC from the MAC at University of Pittsburgh. Their classroom theory along with Rob Beatty’s empirical CNC knowledge and Roberto’s hands-on precision machining experience provided me with the knowledge and confidence needed to find a career in CNC processes. I am very grateful for having completed the “Precision Machining, CNC- Programming and MasterCam” training program at the MAC as it has launched me into a very lucrative and rapidly expanding career field. – Gary Tentler, 9/15/2017

It was a big decision to switch careers in my fifty’s from retail to machining. I'm glad I chose The Mac Center for my training., Since getting my Certificate from the Mac Center, I have had three different Jobs making more money each time I have moved . I get calls weekly for job interviews, The MAC gave me the skills and training that have helped me succeed in my new career. – Dale Smith, 6/26/2017