Research Strengths

Healthy, High-Performance Buildings and Communities
The built environment has an undeniable impact on the environment, economy, and society.  Buildings are recognized as a technological sector where large improvements in sustainability-related categories are achievable. This research thrust focuses on improving system-level environmental performance of buildings and communities, while developing a deeper understanding of indoor environmental quality, quality of life, and energy use.  

Lead: Melissa Bilec, Deputy Director, MCSI

Green Chemistry and Materials
This research thrust examines the use of molecular design to solve problems in green product formulation and the design of materials. Benign by design strategies and frameworks are developed to avoid unintended consequences and improve quality of life.

Lead: Eric Beckman, Co-Director, MCSI

Water & Energy
Water and energy provide the lifelines to our cities and homes. Meeting our needs sustainably requires tapping renewable resources, increasing efficiency and creating game-changing innovations. This research thrust addresses the connected energy and water global grand challenges through novel technologies and design.

Lead: David Sanchez, Assistant Director, MCSI



Mascaro Center

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