Let's Do Lunch Action Research

The Let’s Do Lunch Action Research community fosters a trusting and collaborative atmosphere that values mutual respect, openness, vulnerability and confidentiality among community members, and a patience to grow with and alongside one another. 

The purpose of this project is to provide a platform for dialogue about community building among staff at the Swanson School. Many staff members have expressed their wish for a better integrated community. Some would like to build on each other’s strength to solve common challenges; others desire a sense of belonging to a bigger community and to build relationships through face-to-face interactions. Like-minded staff members can connect with each other and work together through this distinct platform.

Let's do Lunch Flyer

The ‘action' of the study consists of three consecutive weeks of catered lunches, inspiring speakers, and brainstorming activities implemented with design-thinking methodology. The ‘research’ of the study refers to the accompanying surveys and reflection questions developed and curated with an aim to understand the evolution of social relationships among the participants, their perceptions of empowerment, and lived experiences. For detailed activities, please consult the research design.

For appendices and newsletters from our first two lunches, please click here and here.

Let's Do Lunch Figure