Exponential Research Capacity

The Building Capacity for Exponential Research Initiative invites key personnel in the School to dialogues on topics related to research capacity. Participants include: dean, associate dean of research and staff, office of administration staff, and one faculty and staff member from each department. This is the first time such a working group of rich expertise and diverse backgrounds are brought together.

We have had two generative conversations facilitated by design thinking methodology. From the conversation, we synthesized two themes: diversify revenue sources, and upgrade support infrastructure. We are developing actionable projects to help the team move from ideas to implementation. 

To augment the activities undertaken by the working group, we are hosting seminars hosted by nationally recognized speakers on topics related to research capacity. The first one is by Dr. Forrest Masters from University of Florida. For details, please visit: https://www.engineering.pitt.edu/researchdevelopment/

To stay updated with this initiative, please check the newsletters below. Newsletters will be sent as the Initiative unfolds. 

View our newsletter for the FIRST meeting to build exponential research capacity, here.


The first of the seminar series for:


Building Exponential Research Capacity Initiative

War Rooms, Blue Teams, and the Paradox of the Red Queen:

Optimally Supporting the Diverse Needs of Faculty in Hyper-Competitive Funding Environments


Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Facilities

Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, University of Florida



Time: 10-11:15am, March 25, 2019

Location: 102 Benedum Hall

Intended audience: faculty, staff and advanced PhD students

Hosted by U.S. Steel Dean of Engineering James R. Martin II and the Organizational Innovation Lab

RSVP: http://pi.tt/researchdevelopment

Live Stream link: http://pi.tt/rdlive

Synopsis of the Talk

As engineering colleges and schools continue to diversify faculty expertise and ultimately broaden their sponsor base, the needs of the faculty have grown commensurately. The presentation will share insights about the valuable role that institutions play in helping research-oriented faculty members position their programs for success, pursue high value contracts and grants, and earn repeat business – taking into account career stage/progression and the synergistic benefit of working in multidisciplinary teams. Central to that discussion will be maximizing situational awareness, building social network and infrastructure capacity (i.e. force multipliers), and executing on strategy. These insights will serve as a lens to study the current state of research development in the academic setting, and where opportunities exist for improvement.

About the speaker

Dr. Masters has outstanding research accomplishments on hurricane boundary layer and its effect on the built environment, a strong track record of attracting funding from state, federal and private sources, as well as rich experience as associate dean in fostering a vibrant research culture that values advancement, strategic collaboration, and faculty wellbeing. To find out more, please visit: https://www.engineering.pitt.edu/researchdevelopment/