Pitt-Ohio Express Inc. Renewable DC Microgrid Project

The Pitt-Ohio program successfully integrates solar and wind generation, along with battery energy storage and a DC network integration to power their Harmar Township distribution facility. The renewable energy component includes 50 kW of Solar PV, 5 kW of wind power, 70 kWHr of storage, and various power conversion integration, while the facility’s internal distribution system includes a significant portion of Direct Current (DC) power distribution, indicated by the green lines on the one line diagram in Figure X. Figure Y is a view of the solar panels on the roof of the facility. In addition to Pitt-Ohio and the University of Pittsburgh, the other nine partners helping to make the program a success included the following industry organizations: Adam Solar Resources, Aquion Energy, BDA Engineering, Inc., Eaton, Elecyr, Emerson, Power Conversion Technologies Inc. (PCTI), Sargent Electric, Universal Electric, and WindStax. All but Elecyr (New Hampshire) are located within 25 miles of the site, highlighting true community cooperation and the Pittsburgh region’s overall capabilities. The project construction phase began in late August 2015 and is scheduled for completion in early 2016. Pitt provided the engineering design, development, and concept of the project, and also took the lead role informing and managing the project team. Due to the success of the Harmar project, a new facility is being planned near Cleveland, Ohio using similar concepts and approaches. Figure Z provides a 3D rendering of the new facility being planned in Ohio.