Certificate in MPI

Graduate Certificate in Medical Product Innovation (aka. C-MPI)

Download our Graduate Certificate in Medical Product Innovation information sheet.

For further information, contact Education Director, Prof. Kilichan Gurleyik (gurleyik@pitt.edu)

The Graduate Certificate in Medical Product Innovation (C-MPI), offered by the Department of Bioengineering in conjunction CMI is multi-faceted, reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of medical innovation, with the objectives:
1) To educate engineering graduate students at the MS and PhD levels in clinical, engineering, business, and legal aspects of the medical device design and development process;
2) To educate students of the health sciences (residents, fellows and clinicians) in engineering, business, and legal methodologies in identifying and developing innovative solutions to their problems;
3) To educate law students in engineering methodology, regulatory constraints, medical device intellectual property, and commercialization aspects of medical innovation;
4) To educate business (MBA) students in clinical, engineering, regulatory, and legal aspects of medical innovation and entrepreneurship; and
5) To train all of the above disciplines in the art of working in multi-disciplinary teams to accomplish the medical innovation process, from medical technology ideation, through development, to realization and commercialization.

Certificate candidates must complete a minimum of 5 courses (15 credits) drawn from the following:
Medical Product Innovation (2 courses)
BIOENG 2150 - Medical Product Ideation
BIOENG 2151 - Medical Product Development

Entrepreneurship/Engineering Management (select one from)
BIOENG 2167 - Managing Medical Product Innovation
BSEO 2531 - Entrepreneurship and New Venture Initiation
BSPP 2111 - Commercializing New Technologies
IE 2003 - Engineering Management
IE 2039 - Entrepreneurship for Engineers
IE 2076 - Total Quality Management

Legal Aspects of Medical Product Engineering (select one from)
BSPP 2111 - Commercializing New Technologies 
LAW 5135 - Commercializing New Technologies
LAW 5210 - Patent Law
LAW 5260 - Intellectual Property
LAW 5631 - Law and Entrepreneurship

Medical Ethics (select one from)
BIOENG 2241 - Societal, Political, and Ethical Issues in Biotechnology 
BIOENG 2242 - Societal, Political, and Ethical Issues in Biotechnology 
BIOETH 2661 - Theoretical Foundations
BIOETH 2664 - Bioethics

Students currently enrolled in any graduate program in the University (MS, MBA, JD, PhD, etc) are eligible to obtain the C-MPI upon completion of the Certificate requirements. No formal admissions process is required. Post-baccalaureate and post-professional students interested only in obtaining the C-MPI need to apply to the Department of Bioengineering for admission to the Certificate program.

To apply, please visit the Graduate Admissions Page on the Swanson School of Engineering website.

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