Pitt | Swanson Engineering


Regardless of Medium, work with programming staff to develop a curriculum to connect, educate, and create with students of all ages. Elevate your practice with our robust library of resources and equipment. Curate a night of art, lecture, or workshop around your interest and practice.


The Foundation of Empowerment, teachers are invited to share their existing curriculum or develop unique outcomes with our staff. We connect you to our community of eager youth and adult learners facilitating hard and soft skill development, hands-on experience, empowerment, and inspirational workshops. No matter your passion or background, we believe that every individual has something to share. It is through our resources and space we aim to facilitate such exchange.


What are teachers without pupils? We are continuously looking to grow our network of organizations that are looking to participate in workshops, seeking new space to facilitate existing programs, and build projects that are intertwined between communities. There are so many existing groups throughout the city; we want to share, spread, and connect your work with those within our area. We offer space, equipment, and leadership to any organization looking to develop something new, or just need a change of scenery.


Prototype, build, and grow your idea or business. Regardless if it’s bringing your concept to life, or scaling an existing product. We will help teach you how to leverage new technologies within your product development process. Supported though a partnership with IEE; our space can fit of your needs from business counseling to rapid prototyping.