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MAC Makerspace Equipment

  Print Dimension
Max Speed Max Temp # of Extruder Filament Size
Orion 6"x6"x9.25" 300 mm/s 280c 1  
TAZ 6 11.02"x11.02"x9.8" 200 mm/s 290c 2 2.85mm
BOX ZY 6.5"x6.5"x6.5" 40 mm/s   3 (3D Printer/Laser Cutter/CNC Mill) 1.75mm

More Detail Links:
Orion: https://www.seemecnc.com/products/orion-delta-3d-printer
TAZ: https://www.lulzbot.com/store/printers/lulzbot-taz-6/specifcations
BOX ZY: https://boxzy.com/tech-specs/

Soldering Iron

Circuit Tester

Industrial Singer

  Features Link
Juki DDL-8700   https://www.juki.co.jp/industrial_e/products_e/apparel_e/1needle_e/ddl8700.html
Bernina 700D Adjustable Thread Tension, Professional Knife Drive, Differential Feed, Rolled-Hem Lever, Lay-in Thread System https://www.bernina.com/en-US/Machines-US/Overlocker-Serger/Serger-Overlocker/BERNINA-700D

  Engraving Area Controlling Software Compatible Software Acceptable Materials
80w Rabbit 1200x900mm (47.2x35.4in) RDWorks TAJIMA, Corel, AutoCAD, Photoshop Cutting and Engraving materials: bamboo, jade, marble, glass, crystal, plastic, garments, paper, leather, rubber, ceramic, hard wood, MDF, plywood, plexiglas, plastic, acrylic, and other nonmetal materials
Can also engrave onto metals with the use of an additive laser marking

  Cut Capacity
Extra Info
14" Band Saw 13.5"x12"  
12" Double Bevel Miter Saw 16"x13.75" Miters 60 degrees to the left & 50 degrees to the right

Leather Working Tools

  Speed Height Max
15" Floor Drill Press 16 24 in.

Vinyl Cutter

Vacuum Chamber

3D Scan Arm

Photography Equipment

Embroidery Machine

MAC Makerspace Programs

Learn and Lead is a unique work exchange program design to ensure accessable training and programming here at the MAC.

While many Makerspaces oer training for a small fee, we know that this small barrier often prevents potential makers from taking the initiative to recieve proper training on equipment.

The Learn and Lead program provides the opportunity for you to recieve training on any piece of equipment within our shop. These trainings are oered on a one-to-one basis, or small group of up to 4. Training can last anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on your level of interest, equipment, and pace of learning.

In exchange for training, we ask that you volunteer 2 hours of your time to lead a small workshop within our space. You are in control of what and when you teach. We know that teaching can be very intimidating for some, so we are more than happy to work with you to teach you the art of teaching! It may be a hands-on workshop, or simply a presentation, you are in control of the curriculum. You are not required to use the equipment you were trained on, but are encouraged. Most workshops will involve around 5 participants, or whatever you find comfortable.

If the learn and Lead program does not feel comfortable for you, we are more than happy to provide training for a small fee as well. Prices vary based on equipment, and time, so please feel free to reach out for more details. 



Step 1, it’s more than just a starting point, its a trajectory. No matter if you’re working from your basement, or have a team of developers; with the support of the IEE, we are able to connect you with not only the equipment, but a staff of experienced business advisers.

Micro Manufacturing

Together, we will explore how advanced manufacturing technologies, Computer Assisted Design, in combination with traditional hand skills can ensure that your project is able to scale in a manner that is as efficient, sustainable, and effective as possible. Connecting you with the tools and skilled labor necessary to grow your business.