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The graduate electric power program at the University of Pittsburgh offers comprehensive coursework covering all aspects of modern and future electric power systems. The curriculum provides a cross-section of the electric power system, from transmission and distribution, power electronic converters, to advanced control application and design. Close partnerships with industry collaborators has resulted in both co-developed course material, as well as guest lecturers who are leaders in their respective fields, providing students with an education that is both highly technical and highly relevant to their professional futures.

Designed for both full-time graduate students performing research, as well as professionals who wish to pursue their degree part-time, courses are scheduled to meet the demands of the modern workplace. Courses are offered at times convenient to working professionals, and many are for remote access in case of travel. The courses offered at the graduate level in the power engineering program are listed below:

  1. ECE 2250 Power Electronics Circuits & Applications 
  2. ECE 2646 Linear System Theory 
  3. ECE 2774 Power System Engineering & Analysis II
  4. ECE 2777 Power System Transients I
  5. ECE 2778 Advanced Power Electronics (FACTS & HVDC Systems) 
  6. ECE 2780 Renewable & Alternative Energy Systems
  7. ECE 2781 Smart Grid Technologies and Applications
  8. ECE 2795 Protective Relaying and Substation Automation
  9. ECE 2795 Microgrid Concepts and Distributed Generation Technologies
  10. ECE 2795 Power & Energy Industry Practices      
  11. ECE 2795 Electrical Distribution System Engineering & Analysis II
  12. ECE 2795 Advanced Electric Machines and Drives
  13. ECE 2795 Power Magnetic Devices
  14. ECE 3775 Power System Steady State Control
  15. ECE 3776 Power System Stability
  16. ECE 3777 Power System Transients II
  17. ECE 3795 Cyber-Physical Power Systems
  18. ECE 3795 Power Electronics Conversion II