Ideation Expo 2020

Ideation Expo 2020: Ideas that Bridge Divides

OI lab ideation 2020 flyer

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Intention statement:

The Pitt u.lab hub provides support infrastructure for socially and organizationally innovative ideas throughout the Pittsburgh region. The Ideation Expo creates an annual platform to kindle the flame for social innovation, to connect innovative sparks with each other, and to align resources to aspiring social entrepreneurs. 

If we think of technological and organizational innovation as two wings of the same bird, it is easy to conclude that the organizational wing is not getting enough support.  We need more platforms for socially innovative ideas, just like we have Shark Tank for business ideas, and American Idol for artistic talents. When we unite the sparks, maybe we will start a fire.

The Pitt u.lab hub is a place based learning community to practice Theory U, an awareness based framework for social innovation. Participants come together to practice Theory U inspired methods to bring about changes they want to see in the world. The value of a theory is reflected in its ability to solve real world challenges, hence we would like to showcase projects that apply Theory U to solve societal challenges. 

The Pitt u.lab hub provides year-around support for projects well beyond the ideation. Activities are aligned with Societal Transformation Lab hosted by the Presencing Institute.   

More information:

  • Please download the presenter’s handbook here.
  • Please download the panelist’s handbook here.
  • Please download the rubric here.
  • Please download the Ideation Expo Flyer here.
  • For more information regarding the Pitt u.lab hub, please visit our website.


To register as a presenter by Dec. 15, 2019, please go to:

To register as an audience member by Feb. 1, 2020, please go to:

To help participants get ready, we will host two information sessions and two support sessions. Please see below for the dates and registration information.

Event Name





Information Session 1

Nov. 19, 2019

Noon-1 pm

Online (



Information Session 2

Dec. 19, 2019

Noon-1 pm

Online (Zoom)


Support Session 1

Jan. 17, 2020

Noon-2:00 pm

In-person (102 Benedum Hall)


Support Session 2

Jan. 30, 2020


Online (Zoom)



For individual consultation, please reach out to Gemma Jiang (, or Christina Ong (