Ideation Expo

Ideation Expo

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For recording of the event, follow the link.

To learn about our project, please see the information sheet.


The SwansonNet is a set of websites open to all staff as a way to connect and share work related information and documentation.
Designated Contact: Kenny Doty (

SSOE-Taking Shape

The SSOE-Taking Shape is designed to provide a fun, energetic, weekly fitness session focusing on wellness- mind, body, and spirit. This program will encourage input from the participants in creating the weekly activities.

Designated Contact: Karen McCue (

SSOE Connection

The SSOE Connection will build a stronger acclimation base as new staff transition into their work in our School. This will supplement the university's orientation program by focusing on the people/processes/procedures that make up SSOE.
Designated Contact: Erin Schuetz ( 

Workplace Renaissance

The Workplace Renaissance designs Space for Workers, Not Work. This program creates micro-environments within the workspace to help staff thrive as their tasks and priorities change throughout the day.
Designated Contact: Julie Myers-Irvin (

Big Staff Brainstorm

The Big Staff Brainstorm aims at fostering staff community through sharing of best practices, meaningful discussion about challenges, and creating a sense of camaraderie amongst the SSOE staff. 
Designated Contact: Melissa Penkrot ( 

For a link of the contact list, click here