Rory Cooper, PhD Director, Human Engineering Research Laboratory
FISA & PVA Chair
Rosemarie Cooper, MPT, ATP Director, UPMC Center for Assistive Technology
Brandon Daveler, MS Graduate Student Researcher, Human Engineering Research Laboratory

Garrett Grindle, PhD Assistant Director, Human Engineering and Research Laboratory

Although gel cell batteries are reliable, the battery maintenance intensity of electric personal mobility device systems is critically high: charging time, difficult to recycle, battery memory, frequent replacement, costly to replace, unreliable in wet environments, fire risks, electrical socket repairs, hazardous out-gassing, and electric shock. The simple design of pneumatic systems offers increased reliability and safety due to the lack of and need for electronics. Pneuscooter would aim at $467.4 million total revenue of the mobility device market with the key buying industries being medical suppliers, airport operations, primary care doctors, hospitals, and natural disaster & emergency relief services.