Outcomes 2012

The Wallace H. Coulter foundation had taken an interest in supporting medical innovations at the University of Pittsburgh for several years. In 2012, it decided to provide the funds to launch a Coulter Translational Research Partnership Program specifically for Pitt, as well as several other universities. The new Program expanded on the mission of the Foundation by linking project management to the funds, designed to keep the project on schedule and focused on meeting milestones that attract the interest of commercial partners. In the 2012 cycle, the new Program provided additional funds to two projects that had previously received Coulter Foundation support, NanoVision Diagnostics and PerioCell, full funds to projects Microsurgical Instruments and FormABone, and “seed” funds to two new projects, Theragel and MatriDisc. 

2012 Funded Projects

MatriDisc: Scaffold for temporomandibular joint regeneration
FormABone: Resorbable putty for bone regeneration
PerioCell: Immune cell recruitment to treat gum disease
Microsurgical Instruments: Magnifying surgeon’s sense of touch
Nano-Vision: Diagnostics for cancer risk assessment
Theragel: Hydrogel coating to reduce implant infections