Translational Research Outcomes at Pitt

Early in 2014, a project from last cycle, ResMag, was deemed ready for full funding, and another project, SHARP, was brought in to receive Coulter process management and supplemental funds.  As exciting as the outpouring of interest in Benchtop2Bedside 2013 was, the Program realized it needed to focus on projects with R&D progress that placed them on the cusp of viability for commercial partnership/licensing. A more manageable seven projects participated in Benchtop2Bedside, from which five were chosen for full funding, shown below. 

2014 Funded Projects

SHARP: System for Hospital Adaptive Readmission Prevention
ResMag: Strong and bioresorbable magnesium bone fixation
Pro-TECT: Mattress overlay to prevent pressure ulcers
PIVOT: iPad system for quick assessment of ACL injury
InterACTION: Wearable and software for physical therapy tracking
E3: Novel FBXO3 anti-inflammatories initially for bronchitis
BodyExplorer: Next-generation simulator training for providers