Covestro Circular Economy Program

A new collaboration between the University of Pittsburgh and Covestro LLC takes aim at decreasing global waste and its impact on the environment and climate.

Through the first graduate program on circular economy design in the United States, we will train graduate students to strategically develop circular economy solutions for our spiraling global waste problem. Our program, developed in collaboration with Covestro, an international pioneer in material innovation, will meld cutting edge research with the fundamentals of circular design and a carefully conceived training program to prepare students for careers that solve pressing societal concerns.

By The Numbers


Pounds of Waste Generated Per American Per Day (EPA, 2018)


Millions of Tons of MSW Landfilled (EPA, 2018)


% of Waste Recycled and composted (EPA, 2018)


Millions of Tons of Plastic Annually Entering the Oceans (Pew Charitable Trusts/Science, 2020)


% of Global Economy that is Circular (Circularity Gap Report, 2021)


% of Consumers Who Acquired Pre-Owned Items (Mintel’s The Circular Economy-US, 2021)

Founding Partners