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The Ektron User Manual

The Ektron User Reference pdf is available Here. Ektron User Reference

How-to's and guides for SSoE Ektron admins

Saving, Submitting, and Checking-in content

Linking to PDF's in the Ektron content editor

Inserting Links in the Ektron content editor

Logging In

If you're having trouble logging in to Ektron to edit the site remember you can do so by using the "Ektron Login" link in the footer of the site. And then clicking on "Ektron Workarea," in the same place, after the page reloads. Please ensure you are on the "stage" version of the site and not the "production" version, which is only available when connected to the Pitt computer network. 

Adding Images

Please refrain from uploading large images directly from your camera to the website. If your image has a file size of over 1 MB or is over 800 pixels tall or wide, please resize it before uploading it to the image library. If you do not have an image editing program on your computer, websites like PicMonkey will allow you to resize and crop your image for free without needing to create an account.

Frequent editing bugs to be aware of:

  • When editing, a section you've highlighted will remain highlighted in the resulting page, if you've left it highlighted when saving the content piece. 
  • Links may duplicate text if the whole link isn't highlighted when you change the target of the link.
  • You must click in the content area prior to editing HTML code.
  • There is no 'undo' button.

Website Request Form

For requests related to training, Ektron, or the website:

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Faculty Profiles

For information on editing a faculty profile in the FIS system, please reference: